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Delish Nutrish, LLC began with the desire to add healthy flavor excitement to the foods that I ate 

everyday. Being a bodybuilder, I was in search of a way to make plain diet food for my contest 

preparation have more flavor without adding unwanted calories, carbohydrates, fat or sugar. As I was 

educating myself on the dieting process, I learned that many bodybuilders flavor their diet food with 

mustard. I disliked mustard in every form with the exception of honey mustard. I had the thought that 

I might like mustard if I added the natural sweetener, Stevia to it. From that point on I was dipping 

my lean meats and veggies in mustard and even using it on my salads.

Over time, I realized the value of eating healthy all year around and not just when I was prepping for 

a bodybuilding competition. I started adding southwest and chipotle seasonings to my mustard. I 

loved the hot sweet flavor I had created. Not only did my bodybuilding friends love my sauce with 

their diet preparation, but my friends and coworkers loved it on their brats, deli sandwiches and even 

used it as a dipping sauce for their pretzels.

My husband and I decided to move forward with offering this delicious healthy natural sauce to the 

public, therefore creating the business Delish Nutrish, LLC. Our first product is my mustard based 

sauce named Redhead Chipotle Sauce. This sauce is known for being low calorie, low carb, gluten 

free and sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia. It appeals to not only the bodybuilding 

industry, but those striving to make healthier food choices everyday. Those who suffer from diabetes 

and have gluten intolerances will also enjoy this sauce packed with flavor.

Delish Nutrish, LLC has plans to offer other healthy sauces and foods in the future to make it easier 

to stay on track with your healthy meal plan. We here at Delish Nutrish, LLC, fully believe in a 

proactive approach to health. We desire to educate the public on how to pursue a lifestyle that 

supports healthy habits that promote disease prevention with the ultimate goal of achieving the 

highest quality of life and longevity.


Delish Nutrish, LLC